Alley Cats – Berlin Trailer – Video

Taken from vimeo channel: This is a trailer for a documentary series project about the international Alley Cat racing scene.

Subtitles from Jana Velo bellow.

0:03 Alleycat: [‚æli-kæt] (From English “stray cat”), a race modeled after the daily-life of a courier, mostly illlegal, because in city traffic.

0:10 So, having this type of adrenaline experience together…it brings us closer.
0:12 I’ve broken almost every bone in my body.

0:20 “Life is brutal.” Just ride your bike.

0:34 It’s pretty awesome to come to an intersection and mow through the cross traffic, always seeing who’s the craziest, who’s the fastest, who does it the best.

0:48 It’s gets tighter, it gets narrower, because you’re always somehow chasing that rush, and you only know it when you take it to the next level.

0:59 You break out of the rules a bit, it’s a political dissident’s existence.
1:04 Friendship.
1:05 Sometimes it’s better than sex, eh!
1:07 At the moment, there’s just nothing bigger for me.

1:12 Do you ever think that this shit is getting too dangerous?
No, never. No. Never!

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